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About me

A Yorkshire-born French-Canadian working from Lagrasse and London...


I'm a motion graphic designer with 20 years of experience; working for TV, film and web with clients all over the world.

More about me

Hello, my name is Lizzy Platt and I'm a Lead Motion Graphic Designer, mainly focusing for the last 15 years on creating work for BBC News as well as large commercial clients. I enjoyed working in a live TV environment immensely, and the challenges that brings - finding a good balance between creativity and working at high speed.

Me me me...

Over the years I have had the pleasure to work with clients such as The Co-operative Bank, Clinique, BBC, 3M, EDF,  Channel 4, Marks and Spencer, Clipper, Lilys Kitchen, Kings College London, BNP Paribas, ITV and The Discovery Channel. I also recently directed a music video and wrote and directed a short film to promote the conversion of a best selling novel into a screenplay. I am embracing the role of  Creative Director 


I really love working within all aspects of design, and regularly works with small businesses and single person enterprises to create affordable solutions for all their design needs. This includes print, online and social media. 


Aside from sitting still at a computer all day - I am also partial to singing in french, dancing, surfing, laughing, watercolours and skipping around the Corbière hills.


Motion Graphic Design

Focusing mainly on 2D motion graphics, I regularly work on a wide range of animations, from opening title sequences, to infographic explainer videos to Instagram campaigns and the rest!

Print & web

Creating logos and printed materials whilst walking clients through a brand identity process; I enjoy helping businesses find out more about their values and what they want to communicate through their design. I can create simple and effective website designs which get straight to the point.

Video editing & directing

I recently completed a large video editing project for BNP Paribas in France. I also enjoy directing shoots and find that adding graphics to filmed material can be much easier with a designer's eye involved in the directing process.

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